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Our Team

Amelia started working for Melissa of 'Ranges Fodder & Saddlery' in 2009, and took over ownership in 2013. She started riding as a toddler and loves competing in a number of different disciplines including dressage, jumping, team penning and barrel racing…READ MORE
  Letisha joined in the team in August 2022, bringing a wealth of outback knowledge with her, having spent a lot of time out bush on both horses & motorbikes. She has successfully competed in team penning and also worked as a clerk of the course at the races.
  Christie started with us in 2023, having previously worked at a clothing & fodder store in the Adelaide Hills. She started riding at age 8, and spent her teens show jumping before moving in dressage and showing. In more recent years she has discovered the world of western and natural horsemanship, and is keen to learn about barrel racing & campdrafting.
Debbie is not only our newest employee, but also our youngest! She has grown up on stations and is now following in her mum Letisha's footsteps as a proud Ranges Country employee. A keen sportswoman, she juggles school, sport and work as she heads in to Year 9 in 2024.
David is Amelia's partner and can be see around the shop any time something is broken and needs repairs. He prefers mechanical horse power, but is an annoyingly talented rider when he does decide to hop in the saddle.
Lynn is Amelia's mum, and is often found in the shop lending a hand during busy times. In 2018, after a 30 year break from riding, she got back in the saddle, and proceeded to compete in her first dressage & barrel racing events.
  Carole is David's mum and our chief facility manager. She ensures our floors are clean, our driveway swept and that we don't run out of supplies! She is also responsible for keeping the shelves of our smaller bags of grains and feed stocked up.